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When any residents in Treasure Valley and the surrounding areas of Idaho are looking for electrical support, we are the team to call. Here at Idahome Solar, we are proud to say that all our technicians are both insured and licensed. This means we can offer the highest quality of Boise electrical services to our clients. For any type of installation, repairs, replacements, and maintenance, simply give us a shout for prompt support.

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  • “Tyler, amongst other people from his team, made the experience pleasant, wasn't pushy in any way, shape, or form, and provided a solution at a pretty reasonable cost compared to other providers. I would do it again!” - Pierre C.
  • “There are very few companies that provide some of the best customer service, great prices, and a quality product! Communicating and dealing with Chelsea has been so easy and a wonderful experience.” - Jon G.
  • “I have had a great experience working with Josh Hodges at Idahome Solar. He is knowledgeable and clearly communicated throughout the process of installing solar in two of my homes.” - Emily A.
  • “Lou Evans has vast knowledge on solar and a very high level of integrity as well. Both are essential in helping a homeowner make the right decision for renewable energy. I'd highly recommend his services to anyone curious about solar and how it can lead th” - Daniel N.
  • “Tyler with Idahome Solar assisted me greatly with an unconventional project. He was responsive to questions and always willing to help ensure the project was completed.” - Travis G.
  • “Wonderful & LOCAL Idaho owned and operated company. I highly recommend Tyler and his team for all your solar needs.” - Eddie B.
  • “I had no idea how easy it was to have solar installed on my home.” - Todd B.
  • “Whenever we had a question Tyler was personally there to answer our call and was quick and responsive. All the technicians and contractors that work with Tyler are amazing, respectful, and helpful. They treated our house with the same care they would their” - Brian C.

When to Seek Electrical Repairs

Even though electric systems are built to be more reliable than ever, it’s still very common to experience problems from time to time. All the daily wear and tear is bound to lead to electrical issues, at which point it is critical to call a technician. Residents may not know whether a circuit breaker is malfunctioning or the wires are damaged, but they can identify basic warning signs. After our knowledgeable electricians have been alerted, we can identify the root cause and apply a proper solution.

Some of the most common signs that it is time to call an electrician in Boise include:

  • Lights that are constantly flickering in and out
  • Places where wires have been cut, frayed, or even chewed by rodents
  • Outlets and sockets that feel warm to the touch, even if they’re not being used
  • Lights that go dim when other appliances are used
  • Buzzing, humming, or sizzling sounds coming from the wires
  • Visible traces of the wire where it has been exposed
  • The inability to use more than one electrical appliance without tripping the breakers

Does Your House Need a Service Upgrade?

In the past, houses used to be automatically set up with a 100-amp service. This was because they did not need to operate many large appliances, other than a refrigerator, telephone, and lights. Now, however, 200-amp service, at the very least, is the recommended level. A boost in usage was critical since homes need to use exponentially more electricity for dishwashers, TVs, and freezers. In some cases, the increased number of appliances and devices in a single house is so great that a 400-amp service is required. Particularly when household members, friends, and guests are using multiple devices at a time, the old levels of amperage aren’t enough.

If the service panel in your home is in excellent condition, but there seem to be problems with the circuit breakers, call our techs. The service amperage likely needs to be upgraded. Our team at Idahome Solar can provide a thorough inspection to check that none of the wiring is outdated or the breakers are corroded. If it turns out that more amperage is needed, we can safely increase the service so you can power all your appliances.

For dedicated support with any kind of Boise electrical services, simply reach out to our licensed technicians now at (208) 793-5909, and we would be happy to answer your questions.