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Maintenance for Solar Panels in Treasure Valley & All of Idaho 

Since solar panels are built to be durable, people do not expect them to experience many troubles. However, what allows solar panels to work properly is a regular tune-up from time to time. With our dedicated services for Boise solar panel maintenance, it is possible to extend the lifespan of your solar panel system. Just speak to our specialists at Idahome Solar for more info.

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Why Cleaning a Solar Panel Is So Important

A major part of solar panel maintenance involves keeping it clean. Consider just how many types of inclement weather Idaho undergoes in a single season, let alone a year. All the muck, rain droplets, dried dirt particles, and more will stick to the panel, preventing it from doing its job. Of course, trying to clean the panel is a task best left to the professionals. The wrong kind of cleanser or cloth could be too abrasive, leaving scratch marks or further deterioration.

What Is Involved in Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are complex pieces of equipment that need to be treated with dedicated care. Our team at Idahome Solar is committed to accomplishing this crucial task. With detailed inspections and testing from start to finish, it is possible to make sure that the panels last even longer. 

A step-by-step process for maintenance will include:

  • Examining the integrity of the PV system
  • Testing how well the DC circuits and electrical strings are working
  • Measuring the average levels of power the system has been producing
  • Checking the reliability of the safety devices and isolators
  • Looking for any signs of discoloration or damage from weather exposure
  • Inspecting the mounting frame to make sure it is secure

How Solar Panel Maintenance Will Save Money

Homeowners sometimes worry that investing in maintenance for their panels will lead to lots of additional costs in solar repair. However, it is important to remember that neglecting regular checkups will actually result in more costs. If a solar panel should fail from the lack of a proper tune-up, it will cost a lot more to replace it. Even an annual examination can greatly increase a solar panel’s life.

There are lots of other financial benefits that come from maintaining your solar panels in addition to extending their lifespan. For example, the government offers several feed-in tariff schemes when homeowners cut electric costs by turning to solar panels. When our professionals arrive to tune up the solar panels, they will simultaneously take a look at how well the panels use solar energy. Then they can advise whether the current plan you are on is saving money. Alternatively, if moving to another scheme would be more beneficial, they can help with navigating the application process. Just let our team at Idahome Solar know, and we can get started with the right program. 

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