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In an increasingly interconnected world, where electricity powers our daily lives, the importance of a reliable power supply cannot be overstated. Idahome Solar understands this need and offers a range of gas and diesel generators in Boise for residential and commercial use. These standby generators are lifelines when the unexpected occurs and the power goes out. Whether it's a severe storm, equipment malfunction, or any other unforeseen event, having a generator installed at your home or business ensures that essential appliances, systems, and operations can continue without interruption. Discover how Idahome Solar's turnkey generator solutions can provide peace of mind and reliable power backup for any situation.

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Choosing the Right Generator for Your Home or Business

Various generator options are on the market, and it is essential to consider a few factors before making your decision. The size of your home or business will determine the best generator for you. You must also consider your power needs and whether you want an automatic transfer switch installed. 

Below are some factors to consider before installing a generator: 

  • Your power needs: Generators can range from 5,000 watts to over 20,000 watts. The size of your generator depends on your power needs. For example, you will need a larger generator if you have an extensive air conditioning system.
  • Type of generator: The three main fuel types for standby generators include diesel, gas, and propane. The kind of generator you need depends on where you live and the power available in your area. For example, a diesel generator is an excellent choice for cold climates where the fuel will not freeze and become unusable. 
  • Transfer switch: Automatic transfer switches (ATS) are critical components of generator systems. They seamlessly monitor the power supply and automatically transfer the electrical load from the utility grid to the standby generator in case of a power outage. This ensures an uninterrupted power supply without any manual intervention.

When you are ready to install a standby generator at your property in Boise, we have you covered. Our team of experienced technicians will assess your power needs and determine the best generator for your residential or commercial space. We offer generators from the best brands in the industry, so you can trust that yours will be dependable and capable of handling your power needs.

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Why Is It Important to Have a Generator Installed?

Installing a generator becomes crucial when a reliable power supply is essential, such as during severe weather events like storms. Additionally, a generator is vital for businesses relying on continuous power to prevent disruptions, safeguard sensitive equipment, and maintain productivity during unexpected power outages. 

A generator turns mechanical power into electricity. It does this by running on fuel, like gas or diesel, which powers the engine and spins a magnet in a coil of wire, generating electricity. This electricity can power anything you need when your regular power supply isn't available.

Using a generator improperly can be dangerous. The best option is to have an automatic transfer switch installed, allowing the generator to take over in case of an outage. If you have questions about whether a standby generator is right for you, please get in touch with us or speak to one of our technicians at Idahome Solar.

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Having a standby generator installed offers more than just power backup; it provides peace of mind. Knowing that you have a reliable source of electricity during unexpected outages brings a sense of security and confidence. Our comprehensive range of services, including installation, maintenance, and repair, ensures that you're covered. With Idahome Solar, you can rest easy knowing that your power needs are in capable hands.

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